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Use your own sender email addresses

Nov, 11 245
Verify email domain By default, all Power eCard e-mails are sent with an automatically generated e-mail address. It is [email protected] If you want to use your own e-mail address instead, you must first verify your e-mail domain. Go to Administration > Settings > Email. ...

Import receivers

Sep, 9 741
In addition to adding receiver adresses one by one, you can also import entire receiver lists into the Power eCard system.  To do so, choose Adress Book > Import Receivers in the menu.  You can import entire address lists. The file to be imported must be saved in CS...

Insert signatures

Sep, 9 61
1. Add a signature to your profile If you want to add your own signature to the system so that it appears on the eCard later, you can easily add it to your profile. You can access your profile by clicking on the user icon in the top right-hand corner and then selecting "My Profile". You will ...

Bounce Management

Sep, 9 138
A "bounce" email is an email message that could not be delivered to the receiver and returned to the original sender. This usually happens when an email address or domain name does not exist, or the recipient's mailbox is full or offline. Power eCard's Bounce Management allows you to mana...


Sep, 9 47
The statistics functions of Power eCard provide you valuable information about whether and who received your eCard mailings and actively viewed them. To access the statistics tool, select Administration > Statistics in the menu. To display statistics, first select an appropri...

Insert unsubscribe link

Sep, 9 34
Your users can unsubscribe from the mailing as followed To enable the recipients of your eCard to exclude themselves from further mailing, you can include an unsubscribe link in the email of your eCard. Here you can find out how it works. Open your eCardSelect the localisationGo to the tab "E...

Freedom of design and templates

Jul, 7 67
Which opportunities does Power eCard offer for personal designs and individualisation? With Power eCard, you have complete control over the design of your eCards. There are no limits to your creative freedom. You can adapt your eCards not only to the corporate design of your company, but also to...
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