First steps

Welcome to Power eCard! Let us get started together. Here you will find everything for a quick start!

Login to your Power eCard account

Jun, 6 428 5
To log into the system, enter your access data in the login screen and click Log in. If you have forgotten your password, you can request to reset your password. Click on Forgot your password? and enter a valid e-mail address in order to receive a new password. Finally, click on Send pass...

Power eCard Quick Start Guide

Nov, 11 220
How to prepare your system for live operation in just a few steps The following steps will help you quickly configure Power eCard for your own needs and prepare the system for live operation. 1. Creating a motif You will find basic information about our template system and the card design ...

How to create your first eCard design

Apr, 4 346
General settings Before you are able to send your eCards, they have to be created first. To create a new eCard please select eCard > Create eCard in the main menu. 1. Select source In the first step you have the choice to pick a free template from the gallery, duplicate an already cr...

How to send your first mailing with Power eCard

Sep, 9 2854 3
Step 1: Create a receiver list In the first step you define the receivers of your Power eCard mailing. Every Power eCard User has an individual address book in which their own contacts can be maintained and managed. To prepare your first mailng, you need to maintain the addresses of your r...
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