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We show you how to create and edit single contacts or import entire address lists into your address book.

Receiver groups: Create, manage and use in practice

November 11, 2022 149
You have the option of creating receiver groups and assigning different receivers to them. In this guide you will learn how to create and edit receiver groups and how to select them during the import of new receivers. A practical example also shows you how receivers are divided into "Formal/Informa...

How do I personalize the salutation and the sender name?

October 25, 2022 46
You can personalize the salutation and the sender name. In this article you will learn how to customise the salutation and sender name in the eCard itself and within the email. Adjusting the salutation in the eCard Open the editing mode of your desired eCard and then stay on the eCard t...

Add more receiver fields and data

October 26, 2022 283
Add further receiver data to the already existing ones and enrich your card texts with additional individual information. You can also easily and conveniently use the import template for this. Add receiver data In this block we show you how to add further receiver data to your existing r...

Create a new receiver group

September 14, 2020 90
To create a new recipient group, select Address Book> Recipient Groups> Create New Group from the menu. Simply enter a new group name in the input field and click Save. You will then be automatically taken to the group management. 

View and edit receivers groups

September 14, 2020 31
You can view the various receiver groups using the group management tool, which displays the group names and the number of receivers in each group. Choose Address Book> Receiver Groups> View and Edit Groups in the menu. Use the pencil icon to edit the group name and the trash ic...

Assign receivers to a group

September 14, 2020 28
To assign a receiver to a receiver group, switch to receiver management. In the menu, select Address Book> View and Edit Receiver. Then click the pencil icon to edit the receiver. Under Group, you can select one or more groups in the drop-down menu and assign the...

Import receivers

January 31, 2023 1167 5
In addition to adding receiver adresses one by one, you can also import entire receiver lists into the Power eCard system.  To do so, choose Adress Book > Import Receivers in the menu.  You can import entire address lists. The file to be imported must be saved in CS...

Create new receivers

September 14, 2020 40
To create a new receiver, choose Address Book> Create New Receiver from the menu. The information entered here forms the basis for the automated personalization of your greeting text in an eCard. Please ensure that the gender, optional title and name fields are filled in correctly. The re...

Manage receivers

September 14, 2020 48
In receiver management, you can manage your mailing addresses and contact information.  To do this, select Address Book> Manage Receiver in the menu. In the overview you will find information about every recipient: SalutationNameE-MailCompanyGroup Yo...
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