What do I need to provide upon booking the “eCard creation” package?

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We have developed (and continue to develop) Power eCard design in such a way that each company can create a customised card and send it independently.

Nevertheless, some customers would like to hand over certain tasks to our team – including the eCard creation, which can be easily added to the licence as a separate package (more about this on this page). We take over the creation of your individual eCard design in the Power eCard System so that you receive an eCard and mail ready for sending.

In this article you will learn which texts and graphics we need from you for this.

The following page is also available for download as a PDF:

Required eCard elements

Graphics must not exceed 2 MB, while videos in mp4 format must not exceed 10 MB.
  • eCard salutation
    • E.g. “Dear [First name]”
  • eCard greeting text
    • Text displayed on the right or left inside of the eCard design
    • E.g. “sender_name from company XY wishes you a Merry Christmas!..”
  • eCard Sign off phrase
    • E.g. “Kind regards [sender]”
  • eCard background image
    • Background on which the entire eCard is displayed/opens
  • eCard images (jpg oder png)
    • The individual “pages” of the eCard
    • E.g. Cover, right and left inside, back side
Please take into account the desired template and the format of the eCard design. For example, if you want a folding card with 4 pages in the format 740×450, your 4 graphics must comply with these specifications.

Required eMail elements

  • eMail Salutations
    • E.g, “Hello Mr/Mrs [surname]”
  • eMail greeting text
    • E.g. “Max Mustermann has sent you Christmas greetings. Open them by clicking on the following link…”

Optional Elemente for eMail and eCard

  • eMail Header image (jpg oder png)
  • eMail Footer image (jpg oder png)
  • Background music (mp3)
    • Will be played when the eCard is opened (Sound must be actively turned on by receiver)
  • Videos (mp4)
    • Can be placed on the eCard instead of a graphic, for example, or set as eCard background.
    • E.g. A Christmas Video as the eCard cover
Please note that different salutations or language versions of a design count as one eCard each. Please indicate how many different versions/eCards you need and send us the corresponding files and texts.
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