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All descriptions of our system settings and all administrative topics can be found here.

Bounce Management

Sep, 9 138
A "bounce" email is an email message that could not be delivered to the receiver and returned to the original sender. This usually happens when an email address or domain name does not exist, or the recipient's mailbox is full or offline. Power eCard's Bounce Management allows you to mana...


Sep, 9 47
The statistics functions of Power eCard provide you valuable information about whether and who received your eCard mailings and actively viewed them. To access the statistics tool, select Administration > Statistics in the menu. To display statistics, first select an appropri...

Cronjob Installation for Automated Dispatch

Sep, 9 9
A cronjob must be set up to send the emails. The call should be made every 5 minutes to guarantee a smooth and timely dispatch of all emails. In the following an exemplary representation of the command, which can vary depending upon the server configuration. */5 * * * * /usr/bin/php /your/server...

Design Settings

Sep, 9 13
In the design settings you can adapt the user interface to your personal CI by adjusting the colour values or defining the logo for the eCard page. To access the extended settings, select Administration > Settings in the menu and click on the Design tab in the opening ...

Users & Security

Sep, 9 24
In the security settings you control the rights and settings for the registration and use of the eCard page. To access the security settings, select Administration > Settings in the menu and click on the Users & Security tab in the opening window. Configuration of the allowed email ad...

Email settings

Sep, 9 48
In the e-mail settings you define the settings around the dispatch of your mails and mailings. To access the e-mail settings, select Administration > Settings from in the menu and click on the Email tab in the opening window. The entries "System email", "Sender emai...

General Settings

Sep, 9 20
In the main settings you define the basic settings of the system. To access the main settings, select Administration > Settings in the menu and click on the General tab in the opening window. Here you define a page name and the page status (online or offline). The page name i...

Install Template

Aug, 8 39
If you would like to use other individual eCard templates in addition to the pre-installed templates, you can import them under Template > Install Template. Select the corresponding zip file with all relevant data and save it. Alternatively, the template package can also be stored via FTP...

Manage Templates

Aug, 8 28 1
In the template management tool, you can view and edit the templates available for mailings. To do this, select Templates > Manage Templates from the menu. The preview opens the eCard templates in a new window and gives a first impression of the finished eCard. Choose Edit to go to ...

Language Management

Sep, 9 46
You can switch the language of the user interface at any time via the globe icon in the upper navigation bar. The user interface of Power eCard is currently available in German and English. Under My profile you also have the option to change the language.

Onboarding: How to give your employees access to Power eCard

Nov, 11 115
You have the following options to give your employees access to the Power eCard system: 1. Manual creation of a user in the backend As an administrator, you can create new users for the Power eCard system by using the user management.  To do so, select Administration > User &gt...

Power eCard Quick Start Guide

Nov, 11 220
How to prepare your system for live operation in just a few steps The following steps will help you quickly configure Power eCard for your own needs and prepare the system for live operation. 1. Creating a motif You will find basic information about our template system and the card design ...
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