How to send your first mailing with Power eCard

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Step 1: Create a receiver list

In the first step you define the receivers of your Power eCard mailing.

Every Power eCard User has an individual address book in which their own contacts can be maintained and managed.

To prepare your first mailng, you need to maintain the addresses of your receivers. These can be entered individually or imported into the system via lists.

Create a new receiver

  • In the menu, select Address Book> Create New Receiver.
  • Fill out all relevant information. Pay special attention to the relevant fields for personalization (gender, title and name).
  • Assign the new contact to a receiver group (optionally).

Import receiever lists

  • In the menu, select Address Book> Import Receivers.
  • In the menu, select Address Book> Import Receivers.
  • Assign the recipient list to a specific group (optionally).
  • Start the import. An adress check will be performed automatically.
Learn more about importing addresslists

Step 2: Choose an eCard Template

In the second step, the mailing gets started.

Via the menu item Mailing > Create new mailing you will be guided through the mailing process step by step.

First, you need to select an eCard template. The templates available to you are predefined and designed specifically for your business and purpose.

Choose eCard template

  •   From the menu, choose Mailing > Create New Mailing.  
  • Click on the desired eCard motif.
  • Select a language (if available).
  • Confirm your selection by clicking Next.

Step 3: Select your receivers

In the third step, you can now use the previously created receivers and receiver lists from your personal address book.

Simply select the desired receivers of your mailing by clicking on the respective entry. You can select individual contacts or previously defined receiver groups.

Select receievers

  •   Select individual contacts from your address book.  
  • With receiever groups you can select all contacts belonging to this group at once.
  • The search function allows you to search your address book for individual contacts.
  • Confirm your selection by clicking Next.

Step 4: Write your greeting text

In the fourth step, you can now write a greeting text for your eCard.

In addition to various formatting options, personalization options are also available.

Write a greeting text

  • Write a personal greeting text in the text editor.
  •   There are various markers available for personalizing the eCard.  
  • Under Personalization in the text editor you can specify general information about the salutation and greeting of your message.

Step 5: Start the mailing

In the fifth and final step you start your Power eCard mailing.

Before you send the eCards, you can check all the previous settings in a mailing overview.

Mailing overview & starting the mailing

  •   Set a date for your mailing. If you do not specify a special date, you can also send the mailing immediately.  
  • Check your receiver list. If necessary, you can adjust it via the Edit button.
  • Check the selected eCard motif. You can change it via the Edit button.
  • Check your greeting text and adjust it if necessary using the Edit button.
  • You can now generate a preview of your eCard by clicking Preview. The eCard opens in a new window in your browser.
  • Now send the mailing by sending it on a specified date or send it now.

You’re done! You managed your first mailing!

Following your mailing, you now have the opportunity to view a mailing summary. Among other information, you will get information about whether your contacts have received and opened the eCard.

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