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“bounce” email is an email message that could not be delivered to the receiver and returned to the original sender. This usually happens when an email address or domain name does not exist, or the recipient’s mailbox is full or offline. Power eCard’s Bounce Management allows you to manage undeliverable emails and check your inbox server for such emails.

To open the Bounce Management tool, select Administration > Bounce Management in the menu.

The overview lists all e-mail addresses to which the eCard could not be delivered and when it was detected.

With a click on “Check inbox for bounce emails” the list can be updated and possible new mail addresses can be loaded.

For each address it is indicated whether it is a hard or soft bounce, i.e. whether there is a permanent or temporary problem due to which the mail could not be delivered.

Examples of hard bounces can be:

  • The specified e-mail address does not exist.
  • The domain name does not exist.
  • The mail server of the recipient does not allow the reception of mails.

Examples of soft bounces can be:

  • The mailbox of the recipient is full
  • The recipient’s mail server cannot be reached (offline)

The pen symbol can be used to edit the bounce and assign a new status (available, hard bounce, soft bounce).

The bounce can be removed from the list via the trash can.

You also have the option of adding further bounce e-mail addresses or importing them via a CSV file.

Hard bounces cannot be processed or removed from the system. These are signs for our system that future mailings to the corresponding contacts cannot be delivered either.The more bounces occur, the less “high-quality” the entire mailing is classified. This poses the risk that future mailings will receive poorer delivery rates.
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