Learn more about the planning, creation, realization and monitoring of mailings.

Use your own sender email addresses

Nov, 11 245
Verify email domain By default, all Power eCard e-mails are sent with an automatically generated e-mail address. It is [email protected] If you want to use your own e-mail address instead, you must first verify your e-mail domain. Go to Administration > Settings > Email. ...

View feedback

Jul, 7 12
Under Feedback you can get an overview of your previous mailings and the associated interactions of the recipients. To get information about interactions, you must have integrated interactive elements, call-to-actions or forms in your eCards. In the menu, select Mailings> View Feedback. ...

View mailing summary

Jul, 7 83
In the mailing summary, you will receive information about your sent mailings. It can be found in the menu under Mailings> View Mailing Summary. The overview shows the mailing date, the number of receivers, the subject and a brief evaluation of each mailing. The evaluation provides insight...

Create serial mailings

Jul, 7 36
The creation of a serial mailing allows you to send eCards at a certain pre-defined time, for example to birthdays of your employees, partners and customers. To create a serial mailing, select Mailing> Create Serial Mailing on the left side of the menu. The procedure is similar to the step...

Create new Mailings

Jul, 7 140
Select template In the first step you select an eCard from the list. To do this, click on the motif of your choice and select a language for the card. For information on how to create an eCard yourself, see Creating a new eCard. Confirm your selection by clicking Next. Select rec...

How to send your first mailing with Power eCard

Sep, 9 2854 3
Step 1: Create a receiver list In the first step you define the receivers of your Power eCard mailing. Every Power eCard User has an individual address book in which their own contacts can be maintained and managed. To prepare your first mailng, you need to maintain the addresses of your r...
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