How do I set a reply address for my eCard?

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You can enable your recipients to reply directly to your eCards. In this article, you will learn how to store both a general reply address or reply email and an individual reply address.

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Set general reply address

Select Administration > Settings > Email in the menu.

In the e-mail settings, you now have the option of entering a mail address of your choice in the “Reply e-mail” field. With a click on “Save” the general reply address has now been set.

Defining the reply e-mail does not require any domain validation. It is therefore possible at any time.

Activate individual reply address on eCard level

You can also define an individual reply address – for each eCard.

To do this, open the desired eCard and click on “Edit properties”.

Now you have the possibility under “Email reply settings” to set a check mark at “Reply address is the sender’s e-mail address“. Then save the change below.

This possibility also exists without having performed a previous domain validation.

Now, replies are always addressed to the sender of the eCard, i.e. the e-mail address with which the respective sender has registered in the Power eCard system.

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