How do I log in to my Power eCard system?

The login takes place on the individual login screen of your Power eCard system. You defined the corresponding URL when you created your trial version. The data you entered in the field “My desired URL for Power eCardtogether with .power-ecard.io form the URL for your login. For example, if you have entered “sample company” in the field, your URL for logging in to our platform is samplecompany.power-ecard.io Here is a more detailed tutorial.  

How do I add employees/colleagues as new users?

When adding new users, you have 3 regular options. You have the choice between creating users manually, importing a user list or enabling self-registration. You can find the corresponding instructions here.  Alternatively, you can also commission us with the SSO connection of Power eCard to your company’s LDAP system. Please do not hesitate to contact us.  

How do I define the rights of new users?

When you create a new user, you assign him or her a role with the appropriate rights. Here you will find a description of the different roles. To assign a new role to existing users, edit them. Here are the instructions. 

I have forgotten my login details. How do I get them back?

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a password reset here. To do this, click on Forgot your password? and enter a valid email address to which the new password should be sent. Finally, click on Send password. If you have forgotten your Power eCard URL, you can find a description of where it came from here: https://support.power-ecard.com/kb/login-to-your-power-ecard-account/ Alternatively, you can contact us at. 


How do I place one or more company logos on the eCard?

With the help of our editor you can place several logos as an overlay on your card. Here are the instructions.  

How do I place one or more signatures on the eCard?

To place your own signature on the eCard, you can simply leave it in your profile and activate the display on the eCard. Here are the instructions. If you want to put the signature of another person or several people on the card, you have the option of putting an overlay on the corresponding page of the eCard. To do this, you can follow the tutorial on setting a company logo 

I cannot find Power eCard functions/settings in my eCard. What is the reason for this?

This is most likely because you are still working in an outdated template. All new features are rolled out regularly for the new generation of our templates. If you are planning a new card and have been using Power eCard for some time, it is generally advisable to create a new eCard instead of duplicating one of your old cards. New eCardmeans both the creation of a new eCard from the library and the creation of a new, empty eCard. 


How can I personalize the address and the sender name?

By setting certain markers in the eCard as well as email text, our system automatically inserts the desired personal information that it was previously able to pull from your contact list. You can find the instructions here.  

How do I create different language versions of an eCard?

When you create your eCard, you already specify whether you want to create a German and/or English language version of the card. After creating or while editing the eCard, you can create further localizations in all languages. Here are the instructions. To also divide your receivers into their respective languages, work with receiver groups. Here are the instructions.  

I would like to divide my receivers into "formal/informal". How does this work?

In order to divide your contacts into form of address (informal/formal), you work with receiver groups that divide your receivers according to their form of address. In addition, you create a suitable eCard for each salutation in order to send it to the previously created groups. You can find the instructions here. 

Can I send eCards on behalf of several people with one login?

Yes, this is possible. However, please note that Power eCard was designed for decentralized working. So you would have to enter the sender manually and add a signature yourself via overlay, as another person’s information cannot be automatically pulled from your profile. For example, to add signatures of other employees to the background graphic, we recommend following our logo tutorial and uploading the signature instead.  

eCard Mailing

How do I change the sender address of my eCards?

Please note that you must have booked at least the Small Business license in our system for this feature. To use your own sender address, first verify your email domain and enter your desired email after validation. You can find complete instructions here.  

Is there a risk that my emails end up in the spam folder?

We use all possible methods to have an optimal delivery rate (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, shipping limits, bounce checks, etc.). We regularly test our spam score and it is usually 9.4 out of 10 (10 is the best value – but it is only possible to reach it with a simple text email).

We send our emails via Sendgrid, one of the world’s leading email services with a monthly sending volume of over 45 billion emails, highest security standards and maximum performance. The bounce analysis is also done via Sendgrid.

I would like to share my eCard on social media. How does this work?

You first create a regular eCard, but also specify the Open Graph tags that will be displayed as a preview when sharing the link. After that, a shareable link can be created. Please note that only one fixed text can be specified per link. For variations in the address, a new link must be created in each case. Here are the instructions.  

I have sent eCards and they are no longer accessible. What happened?

There are several possibilities. The most common cause is the deletion of relevant data after sending. If you have deleted the sent eCard in the system or the user who sent the eCard, your eCard is probably no longer accessible. If you have deleted receivers of the eCard, they will no longer be able to access your eCard. In these cases, you will unfortunately have to do the mailing again. 

How do I send eCards from my own mailing system instead of the Power eCard platform?

Normally, the mailing is done completely via our Power eCard system. However, it is also possible to generate a single eCard link and send it to your contacts yourself. Please note: Personalization (individual addressing) is not possible here. To generate an eCard link, you can follow our sharing tutorial.  

I can't find my finished eCard under "Create new mailing". Where is it?

If you cannot find your eCard in the mailing process, it is probably because you have not published it yet. Under eCards > Manage eCards you will find an overview of all your cards. If the card in question isgreyed out” it is unpublished. By clicking on theeye iconbelow the card, the card is published and is now ready to be sent. 

Prices and packages  

How do I upgrade my Power eCard license?

When you upgrade, you will automatically be charged only the difference between the old and the new license. To book the license, please go to Account & Billing > Buy License in your system. If you would like to purchase an annual licence, please switch the top slider from One-time to Annual licence beforehand 

I need more eCards or users in my existing license. What do I do?

You have the possibility to extend your existing license with add ons. You can add the add on “double usersas well as the add on “double eCards“. Find out more here. The add on is done in your system under Account & Billing > Buy License > Continue 

Can I change from a one-time licence to an annual licence?

Yes, this is an upgrade where you will only be charged the difference between the old and the new license. To book the license, please go to Account & Billing > Buy License in your system and then switch the slider from Single Use to Annual License. There you have to order an annual licence. 

How do I book the creation of an eCard & what do I need for it?

In this add on you already have a finished design of a card and commission us to create the eCard based on your supplied texts and graphics at a fixed price. Example: You choose your desired template (e.g. folding card) and send us your graphics, texts and colour preferences for the eCard and e-mail. You can also choose a design from our design library and send us your logo and colour preferences. We will create your eCard in a target language with a correction loop directly in the system, you only have to initiate the dispatch. Feel free to contact us about booking.  

How and when do I cancel my license in due time?

Your annual licence is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled in due time 1 month before expiry (by e-mail, fax, post). Please contact us if you have any questions.  

What happens to my data if my license is cancelled?

After expiry or termination of your license, it will first be converted into an archive license. After 3 years, the data is automatically deleted.