Is the data of my contacts secure?

Data protection is very important to us, which is why we attach great importance to protecting the data of your contacts. With a comprehensive package of measures we have made Power eCard fit for the GDPR and have also since developed additional functions especially for it. You can find all details here.


How can I insert multiple signatures on one card?

1. Store in user profile

Each sender can store his own signature (or a complete image with several signatures) in his profile. This signature will automatically be added to the design when the mail is sent (if it is configured accordingly in the eCard settings).

With this procedure, several user accounts can be created, which then contain the corresponding signature combinations. Depending on the target group, the sender logs on with the corresponding account.

2. Placing on the card

Several Christmas motifs are created, which include different signature combinations as fixed images. When sending, the sender chooses the corresponding design (e.g. “Christmas card department A”, ” Christmas card department B”, etc.). You can use the group assignment in the recipient data to quickly select the destination addresses: In the first step, the sender selects the design with the suitable signatures and then the corresponding group in the recipient selection.

Can the Power eCard environment be adapted to my own corporate design?

Yes, with just a few clicks it is possible to adapt the Power eCard environment to your own corporate design to optimize the user experience for your own employees.

The logo and color scheme can be changed in the Power eCard administration environment in the Settings section. However, this is only possible with a corporate license or a larger one.


Which parts of the email can I customize?

We provide an email template with an optimzed layout with header image, text area, footer text, and footer image. All the images, colors, buttons, links and texts can be easily customised directly in the Power eCard backend with a few simple clicks. You can change the look of the email for every ecard design, e.g. the email for the Christmas card looks different than the email for an event invitation.

Is there a risk that my emails end up in the spam folder?

We use all possible methods to have an optimal delivery rate (SPF, DKIM, DMARC, shipping limits, bounce checks, etc.). We regularly test our spam score and it is usually 9.4 out of 10 (10 is the best value – but it is only possible to reach it with a simple text email).

We send our emails via Sendgrid, one of the world’s leading email services with a monthly sending volume of over 45 billion emails, highest security standards and maximum performance. The bounce analysis is also done via Sendgrid.

Can the email contain further links or a file attachment?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to attach a file to the email. However, you can place text links in the greeting text as well as in the header and footer area of the e-mail (e-mail text can be changed when the motif is created) and thus link to your website or a download, for example.

Can the sender email address be customized or is it always the same from the user?

The sender email can be either a global address (e.g. ecard@…), depending on the system configuration, an address per card motif (e.g. christmas@, event@, etc.) or always the address of the respective user.

You can find a description of the corresponding configuration in our Quick Start Guide:

How can I change my sender name?

Go to your settings via the menu item “Administration” and open the tab “General”. There you will find the field Site Name, which is prefilled with “Power eCard” by default. You can change this to a desired sender name.