Serial mailings: Create annual mailings for birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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Creating a serial mailing allows you to send eCards annually at a previously defined time. Automated mailings are sent to employees, customers or partners on recurring occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Activate serial mailing

IMPORTANT: The serial mailing features has to be activated under Administration -> Settings -> Features.

Now tick the box Enable serial mailing.

Create serial mailing

To create a serial mailing, select Mailing > Create Serial Mailing on the left side of the menu.

The procedure is similar to the steps of creating a normal mailing.

  • Select an eCard template from the given list
  • Select receivers (groups) from your adress book
  • Write a personalized greeting text
  • View and check the mailing overview

The only difference arises in the last step:

Here you define a fixed mailing date based on a date field which refers to the receiver data.

These receiver data are defined by creating a new contact or by editing an existing contact.

For example, a field for the date of birth can be filled in so that the serial mailing automatically sends a congratulation eCard every year.

Info: Only one! date can be set per serial mailing. If an eCard is to be sent e.g. every 6 months, two serial mailings must be created, each with a date or receiver If an eCard is to be sent e.g. every 6 months, two serial mailings must be created, each with a date or recipient field. See also section Additional receiver fields.

Add additional receiver fields for a serial mailing.

If data other than the birthdays of your contacts is to be used for sending serial mailings, an additional receiver field must be added to the address book in each case.

Example 1:

If you want to send eCards for the annual company anniversary, you would add a new field called “Company anniversary” in the menu under Settings > Extended> Additional fields.

Example 2:

If you want to send an eCard as a reminder every three months, create four serial mailings, each of which goes out once a year. Each of these mailings needs its own new receiver field with a fixed send date. Under Settings > Extended > Additional fields, these can be named “Dispatch Q1“, “Dispatch Q2” and so on.

The new receiver fields are then displayed in the address book when contacts are added in the future and can be given an appropriate date, just like birthdays during the import of receiver data.

A detailed guide for adding new receiver fields can be found here.

Manage serial mailings

In the mailing overview, information about all serial mailings are listed seperately from the standard mailings, so you can always keep track of the upcoming serial mailings.

In the detail view of every individual mailing the specified birthday is displayed, as well as the date of the next serial mailing.

It is not necessary to update this date over and over again. Power eCard automatically updates the date as soon as the serial mailing is sent out. 

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