Manage receivers

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In receiver management, you can manage your mailing addresses and contact information. 

To do this, select Address Book> Manage Receiver in the menu.

In the overview you will find information about every recipient:

  • Gender/ Salutation
  • Name
  • E-Mail
  • Company
  • Group

You can choose to edit individual receivers in the list (pen icon) or delete them (bucket icon). If you would like to delete several receivers at once, mark the receivers in the first column with a cross and then click Delete Selected Entries, which is displayed beneath the list. Once you have confirmed this action by clicking OK, the receivers are deleted permanently. 

Using the Edit Columns button, you can control which columns or information are displayed in the recipient administration by setting check marks.

Using the search function, you can search the address list and use a drop-down menu to vary the number of contacts displayed per page.

The All Filters button can be used to additionally filter for specific contacts or information. For example, you can display all women with the name “Muster”, etc.

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