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In addition to adding receiver adresses one by one, you can also import entire receiver lists into the Power eCard system. 

To do so, choose Adress Book > Import Receivers in the menu. 

You can import entire address lists. The file to be imported must be saved in CSV format (or .xlsx) and correspond to the following specified structure:

Max;Mustermann;[email protected];Mr;;Sample Company;Sample Group;
Erika;Mustermann;[email protected];Mrs;Dr;Sample Company;Sample Group;
Hans;Mustermann;[email protected];Mr;Prof.Dr.;Sample Company;Sample Group;

Download a sample list for the data import here:

If the data is not UTF-8 encoded, special characters might get lost during import. If you use Microsoft Excel, please save the file NOT as a CSV file but as Unicode text. Before importing larger amounts of data, please do a test import to check whether the data is imported correctly into the system.

An example file can be viewed or downloaded directly in the system before the import process.

Please note that the columns in the first row of the sample file must not be renamed to ensure correct allocation of the fields. If you do not need certain values (e.g. birthday, coupon) you can simply leave them blank or delete them directly.
The following values can be entered for the gender: Male: ‘hr’,’m’,’herr’,’mr’,’herrn’,’hrn’,’mister” Female: “fr”, “f”, “frau”, “ms”, “mrs”, “miss

Select the relevant address list from your local directory on your PC in the Import File field.

Before the import, receivers in the list can also be assigned to a group. All receivers are then assigned to the specified group.

To confirm the action and import all of the address data, click Import receivers. Once the process is complete, a log report on the import process is displayed.

During the import process, the e-mail addresses are checked for plausibility; any e-mail addresses containing errors are not included in the import.

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